BIT 17 – January 20, 2008

Happy New Year! I’ve had a great time up in Massachusetts. First of all, my new CD “Happy Fingers” has come in! You can order it on my “Store” page.

While we were there my uncle Jay introduced me to the Associate Pastor of his church. (PLEASE NOTE: Leominster Assembly of God has since become “New Life Church” AG, link reflects new website). So, I played on Sunday Dec. 30th in both of the morning services and full concert that evening. After I played and was signing CD’s in the back. I had the pleasure of meeting some really great folks including my new friends, Roger and Anne. It turns out that Roger is a HUGE guitar fan. We had the pleasure of visiting them at their home…and Roger and I had a great time playing guitar all afternoon. He even had a nice Gretsch! It sounded great! In fact Roger tried my new Baby Taylor LTD and liked it so much that he ended up calling to order one for himself before we left!

While I was still at the church I was also invited to play a concert at the Common Ground Coffee Shop in Fitchburg, it was really nice. I had so much fun doing that gig we all hung around for hours after it was over playing my guitars and sharing stories… what a great bunch of folks! Some of my new friends from the church came out including Roger & Anne and another guitar lover, Nunzio (the guitarist from the church). My uncle & aunt, Bob & Judy, came out as well. It was so nice to have them there! I don’t think it gets much better than having family and friends gather together for a night of fun.

We left Massachusetts on Tuesday and arrived in Atlanta on Friday. We brought the snow down with us. Atlanta got about 2″ to 2-1/2″ on Saturday! We are staying with some wonderful friends that we made when we passed through here 6 years ago. We are truly blessed to be with so many wonderful people everywhere we have traveled! And I’ll be playing at Liberty Church in Marietta, Georgia on Saturday January 26th at 5PM. Check out my Tour page for more information about this.

I’ll also be playing in the Pensacola area at the Men’s Barn Meeting in Molino, Florida (it’s outside of Pensacola) on February 14th at 5PM. The Barn meeting is held on the second Thursday of every month, and in February it happens to be on Valentine’s Day. Since it’s going to be on Valentine’s Day it’s also open for the men to bring their sweethearts! I played there a few years ago and had a really blessed time…these folks are some of the friendliest I’ve met here. I’m really looking forward to playing at this meeting again.

It looks like I might have another gig here but I have to meet with some folks tomorrow in order to confirm that. If it develops I’ll add it to my tour schedule. I also have some more gigs in the works for the Pensacola and Central Florida areas. I’ll post them when I can confirm the dates and times.

Well, I’ll look forward to getting to see some more of my friends along this next leg of the tour and hopefully meeting a few of you!

So take care,

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Artist, Musician, Minister, World Traveler...