Where the Road Leads

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Where the Road Leads - Cover Art
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All Rights Reserved – 2014 – Buddy Tetreault


“WHERE THE ROAD LEADS” portrays a series of events that happened to me along the path of life this year (2013/2014). I learned many truths along this journey. This first song reflects following a path that is uncertain… following the road… not knowing what kind of intrigue is ahead, but certainly hopeful that there is direction and purpose to my life.

“RAMBLIN’ THE ROADS” is more carefree and I’m enjoying this adventure.

I’ve got a skip in my step
As I head down the road,
Wonderin’ what’s round the next bend.

I’ve got a smile on my face
And a song in my heart:
The birds are all singin’ today.

Caught in the beauty of all that I see,
Wonderin’ what’s waitin’ for me…
Happy-go-lucky as I’ll ever be
When I am out ramblin’ the roads.

“FLY AWAY WITH ME” takes me to a place where I’ve never been… and a longing to embrace all that is good. It’s a love story flying with emotion. It overwhelmed me and made me feel like a king.

“THE DISCO KING” reflects the take-charge personality with a mix of older traditional flamenco style music laced with an upbeat disco flare. I feel like I can conquer the world! All is dynamic. All is well.

Sometimes I get lost in a song and in “PACIFIC BREEZE”, a love song, I see a couple walking hand in hand on the beach on an island in the Pacific. The warm breezes are blowing and the palm trees are swaying as the sun begins to set. I can hear wind chimes tinkling in the distance as the waves gently lap the shore. It’s an island paradise and a welcome retreat.

And then, in contrast, “UNDER THE DOUBLE EAGLE” is played. Hands are clapping and feet are tapping. Life is flowing… a stirring heartfelt song.

And when all is said and done, I begin again “THINKING OF YOU” and I am mesmerized by the beauty of the music flowing peacefully… enveloping my entire being. I would listen to this forever and ever…


The “ROLLER COASTER” in my life happened! Sometimes, there are times in life when things just happen… some good, some bad. Many emotions are stirred. You may feel happy or sad, or excited or bored, or accepted or rejected and on and on and on. Time passes quickly and time passes slowly depending upon your reactions to circumstances at any given moment. But eventually, it all comes to pass.

And there is hope again. Just like in life when winter passes and nature begins to bud again, the “SPRING RAIN” is welcome and inviting. It tends to the finer details of life’s beginning cycles once again. The grass begins to break through, the trees bud and blossom, the flowers bloom and break out in splendor and I am just happily…

“TRUCKIN’ ALONG” enjoying the sights. I’m filled with expectation and anticipation. And a clear destination is in my heart. I am finally “HEADIN’ HOME” !


God for His inspiration and for the creativity He has blessed me with and for the many blessings I often take for granted.

My Parents for their continued support, encoragement and prayers on this journey and for the countless hours you spent listening to my ideas as they developed.  Without your help I would still be trying to figure these song ideas out.

To all of my family, friends and fans around the world who have made it possible for me to pursue something I love to do, and through it be able to serve the Lord.

A special thanks to my friend Doyle Dykes for his always taking time to give me good advice.  You are such an inspiration!  www.DoyleDykes.com

To everyone at Deering Banjos, but especially to: Greg & Janet Deering and to Carolina Bridges.  You’ve all been such an encouragement to me over the years, and the Lord used your fine Banjos to help re-inspire me and to permanently and positively change the way I play my guitar!  Check out their fine Banjos at: www.DeeringBanjos.com

Again, special thanks to everyone at GHS Strings, especially to Melissa!  www.GHSstrings.com

Bob Taylor and everyone at Taylor Guitars.  www.TaylorGuitars.com  A special thanks to you Bob for the GSmini… The ideas for “Thinking of You”, “Truckin’ Along” and “Headin’ Home” were all written on it, and it was my “therapy guitar” after a difficult time in my life.  Thanks again!

To everyone who was involved in the making of this CD… thank you for another job well done!


All songs listed were composed by Buddy Tetreault except: “Under the Double Eagle” / “Unter dem Doppeladler” which was composed by: Josef Franz Wagner (March 20, 1856 – June 5, 1908).

All Rights Reserved for all of Buddy’s compositions as well as for Buddy’s arrangement of: “Under the Double Eagle”.