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For the Record - Cover Art
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All Rights Reserved – 2004 – Buddy Tetreault

I first started my attempts at learning to play the guitar just after my parents and I moved to Costa Rica as full time missionaries in December of 1998. TO READ ABOUT HOW I LEARNED TO PLAY GUITAR PLEASE CLICK HERE

As I prepared for this project I realized that this would truly be my first opportunity to introduce myself and my music… “FOR THE RECORD”, so to speak! However, I now feel that this is so much more than simply introducing my music and myself, but it is in fact an expression of who I am!

This, also in part, is a tribute to those who have inspired me along the way, such as, Doyle Dykes, my guitar hero… I was also influenced by the music of Paco de Lucía and Laurence Juber amongst others. I especially appreciate the time Doyle took to acknowledge me, even though he was always on a tight schedule.

What an investment to sow into someone’s life… a little of your time… the most precious gift we have… It cannot be replaced. Once used, it’s gone forever. Yet, the time invested in me I pray will produce a glorious harvest for the kingdom of the Lord! Thank you Doyle for honoring me by taking me aside and listening to my guitar. You touched my life in a special way!

As you listen to these tunes I hope you enjoy my expressions of the acoustic guitar.


1 – Up In The Mountain
Since I live up in the mountains, with a gorgeous view, this name just naturally seemed to describe this urban-flamenco piece. While it has a Spanish flavor, it also touches on the Rumba Flamenco and Gypsy styled playing!

2 – In His Presence
My guitar playing had fallen into a place that I just couldn’t seem to get anything new to come out! I had started to take classes to learn how to read music, for almost a year and a half and the time I was spending on trying to keep up with the homework was draining my playing time. I couldn’t seem to get anything fresh from the Lord.

I knew I had to make a decision to choose between going to the classes, where I had made many friends, and going back to totally depending on the Lord to teach me. I chose the leading of my heart and within the week He gave me this piece, as if to confirm that I had made the right decision. It was not an easy choice to make, but it was necessary and I’m glad I did it.

3 – The Winds of Change
Moving is not always easy, but for me it’s an adventure… a time to make new friends and see new places. During one of our moves from one part of Costa Rica to another, this piece started to form in my head. It happened to be during the windy season here and it was also one of my early Spanish flavored pieces, so the name really seemed to fit.

4 – Happy Fingers
This is a fast moving country style piece. My fingers just seemed to happily glide along like dancing… effortlessly… playing with the strings. I was happy to have the gift of music that the Lord blessed me with and I always enjoy playing at every opportunity, so the name “Happy Fingers” seemed appropriate.

5 – Just Another Day
The Lord blessed me with this song in just one day, as a confirmation that he was orchestrating my path, and as I was finishing putting it together I looked out from our carport, where I was playing my guitar, and saw the most beautiful sunset capping off another day in paradise… I realized that it was another beautiful day with Him in my life! He makes all my days beautiful if I choose to spend them with Him!

6 – Mom’s Lulaby
The spelling of “Lullaby” is spelled as it is pronounced by many Spanish Speakers… A very good friend that has music classes here in Costa Rica has asked me on occasions to play for his students. Once just before leaving his class he asked me if I knew Bram’s Lulaby? I had no idea what he was trying to ask me and after a few attempts at mispronouncing, Brahm’s Lullaby, in broken English he started to hum the tune. With a smile I then knew what he was asking. This song was dedicated to my mom and when I named it I purposely misspelt the word in honor of my friend.

My mom often falls asleep to this when she takes a nap in the afternoon as I play for her! (Update: My mom actually never heard the ending of this song until I recorded this CD as she would fall asleep before I finished playing it for her before)

7 – The Dance of the Winds
Set in a more traditional flamenco manner, this piece is my expression of how the winds keep dancing. They blow here and there and you just can’t tell where they’re going or where they came from. This is a very passionate traditional flamenco inspired
piece. When I play this, the piece also changes from 4/4 time to 3/4 time like two breezes blowing at the same time and dancing together.

I can also picture the beautiful Spanish dancers, some with castanets in hand and others clapping their hands as they dance… a lively spirited piece that I hope you enjoy!

8 – Hope of a New Love
This beautiful, and somewhat romantic piece, has undertones of a Celtic origin. Although the initial hurt of a past love is felt, this pensive tune lingers… and thus springs forth hope of a new love that gives way to the earlier hurts that are now gone by.

9 – To Spend a Day With You
The Lord gave me this piece in about 15 minutes. As this came to me I saw in my mind the scene of a beautiful lake with a perfect shade of blue, so pristine. The breeze was gently whispering through the willow trees. The scenery on the other side of the lake was gentle rolling hills with trees running up into the mountains. Everything was just perfect in this paradise and I just wanted to, “Spend a Day with Him”.

As I heard this melody, I started to play it on my guitar, but it was incredible that as I played this, I could also hear many versions of it being played simultaneously, creating the effect of a full guitar orchestra. I was able to hear each part separately and remembering them was not hard to do, as though the music was embedded in my mind, like it was etched in my memory. God wanted me to remember this piece!

I recorded this symphonic song with three different guitars, plus restringing one twice, to create the full effects of what I had heard! It was a true labor of love to work through the difficulties of overcoming the problems in getting all these separate tracks to melt together as one. I know this came from that quiet time I was sharing with Him! Thank you Lord!

For those who would like to know: I did 7 tracks in this arrangement.

  • 3 tracks on my Taylor DDSM, in standard tuning.
  • 1 track on my Taylor NS-6 in standard tuning also.
  • 2 tracks on my Alvarez Yairi DY73CS which I strung in Nashville high tuning.
  • 1 more track on the same Alvarez Yairi in a new tuning, that I have experimented with. I call it, double high tuning.

10 – O’ Holy Night (Adolf Adam)
11 – O Come All Ye Faithful (John Francis Wade)
I’ve included these two traditional songs because they are not just for the holiday season. These two classics are a reflection of what Christ’s birth signifies to us. It reflects His holy purpose and serves as a reminder that God has a plan and purpose for each of our lives. To God be the glory!


The Lord God for my life, my salvation, my family, my friends, and the gift of music.
From my heart, I thank my Mom and Dad for all their encouragement and support. My Mom for her talent on the keyboard and all the hours of helping me to unravel my thoughts. My dad for his gift of a superfine ear… He kept me in line with my dream and didn’t turn it into a burden. He’s my best friend!
To Doyle Dykes for his encouragement and help. Also for his walk of faith that bears the fruits of the Spirit… It has encouraged me to follow along his musical path for a season, thanks!
To everyone at GHS Strings for their great strings, absolutely the best! Especially Melissa for always being my friend and helping me from your heart. I’ll not forget it!
Lloyd R. Baggs, for his fantastic pickups!
To Fred Kelly for his wonderful thumb picks!
Bob Taylor and everyone at Taylor guitars that have helped me numerous times over the past few years and for building some of the finest guitars in the world!
To my friend Alfonso Valverde for all his patience and help with the recording of this CD!
To Carlos Alfaro, for his inspiration, and for the time to introduce me to the many forms of “Latino” music!
To Paco de Lucía for being such a huge inspiration to me!
To Laurence Juber for through his music I was introduced to a totally unique type of finger style technique!
To Mrs. Marietta Arce Schleiman for her help in translating all this into Spanish and making it make sense!
To everyone who was involved in the making of this CD… a job well done! Especially to Dale and Deb Johnson, Tom and Kay Costello, and Scott & Marietta Schleiman for believing in and supporting me on this project! May God abundantly bless all of you!


All songs listed were composed by Buddy Tetreault except: “O’ Holy Night”/”Cantique de Noël” which was composed by Adolf Adam (July 24, 1803 – May 3, 1856), and: “O Come All Ye Faithful”/”Adeste Fideles” which was composed by John Francis Wade (July 24, 1803 – May 3, 1856).  All Rights Reserved for all of Buddy’s compositions as well as for Buddy’s arrangements of: “O’ Holy Night”/”Cantique de Noël” and: “O Come All Ye Faithful”/”Adeste Fideles”.