Happy Fingers

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Happy Fingers - Cover Art
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All Rights Reserved – 2007, 2014 – Buddy Tetreault


The name of this CD came as the result of one of the most popular songs from my first CD, which of course , was “Happy Fingers”.  In fact, some of my friends and acquaintances have actually nicknamed me “Mr. Happy Fingers”.

For me, this CD has given me the opportunity to showcase what the Lord has been training me up in.  His creativity is endless.

So, I hope you enjoy the musical variety on this CD.  And I hope to see you at an upcoming concert sometime soon, or keep in touch with me through my website: www.BuddyGuitar.com….. ’till then, take care!
Buddy Tetreault


1 – Happy Fingers
This composition is one of my standard opening piece at my performances… one of the reasons some people have called me “Mr. Happy Fingers”!

2 – City Lights
The inspiration for this song came most every night while looking down across the central valley in Costa Rica.  All of those lights just sparkled like fields of diamonds and were so beautiful.

3 – Minuet in G (J. S. Bach or C. Petzold)
I began playing this piece in a traditional, classical manner.  Then, I took artistic license and had some extra fun embellishing it even further!  Enjoy!

4 – Mustang Roundup
The name really sums up what this tune is all about.  After I had played this song at a concert, a gentleman came to me and commented that when he was younger, he had been on an actual mustang roundup.  And this song brought back those exciting moments for him!

5 – Esperanza
There is such an air of hope encompassing this piece, that the Spanish word for hope (esperanza) really captures the essence of this tune.

6 – What a Friend We Have in Jesus (C. C. Converse, J. M. Scriven)
I just wanted to have fun with this happy, country style arrangement of an old time hymn… reflecting my joyful, friendly relationship with our Savior.

7 – Pasión
I call this piece Pasión (the Spanish word for Passion) because you can’t play flamenco without playing it from the heart.  In this piece, there are a number of different themes represented.

In one part, you can imagine a couple dancing together very passionately, and as the mood changes you can imagine a bull fighter in the ring with a bull about to charge him.  When the tune takes another turn, you can almost imagine being in the midst of a swordfight!

8 – Moonlight Sonata (L. V. Beethoven)
Like many classical compositions, this beautiful Beethoven masterpiece was written for piano.  Since the piano has metal strings, and in the spirit to being truer to the intended tone, I decided the best option would be to record this on my steel stringed guitar.

9 – Juanjo Rag
When I was a special invited guest at the 12th International Guitar Festival at the National Theater in San Jose, Costa Rica, there was another featured guitarist from Argentina, his name is Juanjo Dominguez.

This superb master guitarist deftly played tangos and ragtime with exceptional speed and agility.  I was so impressed with his ragtime, that I wanted to have a song of my own.  So, I prayed and asked God to show me and the result is in this playful tune!

10 – Under the Shadow of His Wings
Psalm 91:4 says, “He shall cover thee with His feathers, and under His wings shalt thou trust”.  Psalm 91 really sums up His protection for us.  And I have come to trust Him learning to abide under the shadow of His Wings.

11 – Hero’s Stand
When I was composing this Celtic style piece, I was drawn to the character, William Wallace, from the movie, “Braveheart”.  As history bears out, William Wallace did not live to see with his own eyes… Scotland’s freedom.

This piece honors all heroes, past and present, who are willing to take a stand for what they believe in, though it may cost them their very lives.  It’s about standing up for what’s right and standing against what’s wrong… even though it may be unpopular, politically incorrect, or uncomfortable to do.  It doesn’t change that what’s right is right, and what’s wrong is wrong.

And so I dedicate this song to all heroes, in general, but specifically to my friend Al.  He is a man of godly character and conviction… a man whose word is true… standing for what’s right and standing against what’s wrong.

He’s a man of integrity and I count it an honor and a privilege to call him my friend and my hero.  This is for you Al.  May God bless you and your family.  Buddy


As always to my Lord for his many blessings to me.
To my parents for their constant support, prayers and encouragement.
To Doyle Dykes for his friendship and advice.
To everyone at:
Fred Kelly Thumbpicks
GHS Strings
L. R. Baggs Electronics
Taylor Guitars
Zaolla Cables
And to all my friends and fans around the globe!


Recorded at: Audio Influence Studio www.audioinfluence.com
Thanks Dave for all the extras… & late hours.  You are #1!
Recording, Mixing & Mastering engineers: Dave Stroop and Buddy Tetreault
Photograghy: Ernie Tetreault
Graphic layout and design: Bobby Baird and Buddy Tetreault


All songs listed were composed by Buddy Tetreault except: “Minuet in G” which was composed by: J. S. Bach (March 31, 1685 – July 28, 1750) or by: Christian Petzold (1677 – before June 2 1733), “What a Friend We Have in Jesus” which was composed by: C. C. Converse (September 10, 1819 – August 10, 1886), and J. M. Scriven (October 7, 1832 – October 18, 1918) and: “Moonlight Sonata” / “Mondscheinsonate” / “Quasi una fantasia” which was composed by: L. V. Beethoven (December 17, 1770 – March 26, 1827).

All Rights Reserved for all of Buddy’s compositions as well as for Buddy’s arrangements of “Minuet in G”, “What a Friend We Have in Jesus” & “Moonlight Sonata”.