BIT 27 – September 13, 2008

I have quite a BIT for you this time!  We left Northern Ireland about two weeks ago, and got the train back down to Shankill, just south of Dublin. Continue reading “BIT-27”


The Lowden Jazz model has an exciting, rich Nylon String tone, yet so easy to play!

BIT 26 – August 9, 2008

Well, we’re now in Northern Ireland and we’ve been having a marvellous time!

This is what a typical Irish cottage would have looked like before the Potato Famine.

We headed up by train to Belfast, and after a long day, ended up arriving in Derry, Londonderry County, where Continue reading “BIT-26”


BIT 25 – August 2, 2008

My mom with the Mayor of Galway!

Hello again,

Our time in Galway was a great blessing.  It was everything I had imagined it being!  We left Dalkey and headed up the “Dart” commuter line to Dublin, and then got the Bus from Connelly Station to Heuston Station to catch the train to Galway.

While on the Bus, I heard a gentleman speak to his daughter in Spanish… so… before the Bus arrived I said hello in Spanish which gave him quite a surprise! Continue reading “BIT-25”


BIT 24 – July 3 2008

Playing at Greystones Nazarene Church.

We have been quite busy since my last BIT…

We have been in the Eastern side of the Island, South of Dublin for the entire time… so far.  We have been staying in different places, making new friends and enjoying the scenery that each location had to offer. Continue reading “BIT-24”


BIT 23 – June 23 2008

Hello again,

Things haven’t been as hectic over the past three weeks.  So, besides playing a few gigs my parents and I have been able to relax and get to see some of this beautiful country! Continue reading “BIT-23”


BIT 22 – June 3 2008

This is a view of the Altes Schloss (or old palace) in Stuttgart through one of the fountains in the Schlossplatz.

Hello again, I’m writing this from IRELAND!!!!!!  But first, I’ll back up to where I left you in my last BIT…

Dad took me to the castle or old palace, of the old Kingdom of Württemberg in Stuttgart for my birthday. Continue reading “BIT-22”