BIT 17 – January 20, 2008

Happy New Year! I’ve had a great time up in Massachusetts. First of all, my new CD “Happy Fingers” has come in! You can order it on my “Store” page.

While we were there my uncle Jay introduced me to the Continue reading “BIT-17”


BIT 16 – December 13, 2007

Wow, this has been a great trip around the country… lots of beautiful places.  Dad and I headed out towards Southern California and went through Colorado with it’s majestic Rockies where we stopped to visit a good friend just outside Denver.  We then traveled down into New Mexico and stayed with some really great folks in Santa Fe.  They’re more like family now.

Afterwards, we continued on to Arizona where dad wanted me to see this place called Sedona, a gorgeous colorful town he remembered from years ago. So me, being “resident navigator” of this entourage, found a “shortcut” on the map. Well, at least that’s Continue reading “BIT-16”


BIT 15 – October 21, 2007

Well, now I’m in Omaha, Nebraska!  But, let me start from where I left off in my last BIT.  While in Indianapolis, I met with the recording engineer/studio owner that I mentioned and it looks like I’ll be doing my recording at his studio during the latter part of November!

I checked out his studio and it is up to the task, but more importantly Dave has the right kind of Continue reading “BIT-15”


BIT 14 – October 2, 2007

Hello all, I’m now back in the States again.  My dad & I flew into Orlando, Florida and I played at some churches there as we visited with some friends of ours in the area.  Then we drove to Pensacola where Dr. Chuck Baldwin asked me to play at his church, Crossroad Baptist Church.

Then from there we drove up through Nashville and into Indianapolis, Indiana which is Continue reading “BIT-14”


BIT 13 – August 25, 2007

Well, hello again, I’ll keep this a short BIT.  I’m writing this from Costa Rica… before we left Panama last week I was busier than a one handed guitarist!  Between playing last minute gigs, getting packed and closing everything down, and the fun is just about to begin!  We’ll be flying back to the States next week to start the tour!

Oh, by the way.  The gig for the Continue reading “BIT-13”


BIT 12 – July 17, 2007

Hello all,

Not much happening here since my last BIT… We’ve been pretty busy with visitors from the States so I’ve not had the time for practice or for doing gigs lately.  Also my mom got pretty sick here, and between trying to take care of her, until the doctor could stabilize her so my dad and I could send her back stateside to recover and get the care she needs with some great friends of ours.  She’s doing much better now, Thank God!

Dad had a guy from Texas come down on a mission trip for 3 weeks.  So dad was pretty busy getting Chris around and I was taking care of my mom.  While Chris was here we also met Continue reading “BIT-12”


BIT 6 – June 23, 2006

Hello again,

Sorry this Bit got out a “bit” late!!!  Ouch! But before I get into how my trip went I would like to wish my parents a Happy 28th Wedding Anniversary!  May God bless you with many more happy years!  I love you!!!

My trip to the states was great and while there I got to play at Continue reading “BIT-6”


BIT 5 – March 6, 2006

Well, I’ve got some great news for you all… I just finished a single I’ve been working on called “Huecolandia”.  That’s Spanish for “Pothole-land”.

It’s a funny song I wrote during the end of last year while on one of Costa Rica’s pothole laden roads (there’s about a ZILLION of them)!  I wrote it in Continue reading “BIT-5”