Electronic Press Kit

Welcome to Buddy Tetreault’s Official Electronic Press Kit (EPK).

Buddy’s EPK is contained in the following pages:

Buddy is proud to be an Endorsing Artist for:

Bent Twig Guitars Logo

Bent Twig Guitars Playing his Medium Jumbo (Claro Walnut/Lutz Spruce) endorsing their Steel-string guitars!

Deering Banjos LogoBuddy has been an Endorsing Artist for the Deering Banjo Company since 2009 playing their line of 6-string Banjos!

Hosa Technology LogoHosa Technology using their many audio adapters as well as the Hosa Edge line of guitar and microphone cables. Their Edge series cables are made using Oxygen Free Copper core wire which is then shielded to provide the finest in Copper cabling… a great quality cable!

Kremona Guitars LogoKremona Guitars Playing his Kremona M20e endorsing their line of Steel-string guitars!

Zaolla Cables LogoZaolla Cables Buddy has used Zaolla Silverline guitar & mic cables for years! “For the ultimate in signal purity… I trust Zaolla’s pure silver core to transmit my tone as no other cable can!”

Contact and Sound Samples:

Please use the Contact page in order to pursue artist endorsements, book events or to ask any questions you might have.

To get a sampling of Buddy’s guitar and banjo playing styles, please click here (Official YouTube channel).

Other pages that may be of interest: