BIT 36 – January 10, 2010

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The three of us at the airport when Mom flew back to Costa Rica.

Well, since my last BIT we finished the last Seminar in Orlando, & spent Christmas day with some dear friends of ours in Florida.  It was lots of fun & being together is what really makes Christmas time special, especially since Mom had to fly back to Costa Rica a few days later!

These are some photos from about a week ago.

The day after Mom flew out Dad & I flew up to Omaha, Nebraska to stay with some friends there.  As our plane made it’s landing in Omaha the clouds opened up below us and the view was great… everything covered in a blanket of snow.

Surprising some friends from Costa Rica. It was really neat… Dale & Deb had me hide in their room as they greeted them and Dale came in acting as if he would put my CD on for them to listen to it, and a few moments later I walked out playing and it blew them away! They thought it was a CD player!

For the past week it has been 5 to 10F below zero, but the wind chill factor has been at least 15 or 25F bellow!  Now that is definitely a little colder than what I like, but It sure is beautiful from inside a warm house! 🙂  A few days ago we got about 6 more inches and the gusting winds made huge snow drifts everywhere blocking off most of the areas roads. In fact almost every road in this area was impassable right now for a day!  Yesterday morning we woke up to a beautiful sight… Frost on all of the trees.  It was a “Winter Wonderland”!

The Whipped Cream looks kind of like an Octopus!

Also, a few weeks ago Deering Banjos offered me 2 Badges to go to the Winter NAMM show in Anaheim California, so Dad & I are heading out there to enjoy the Trade Show.  This will be my first time attending which is awesome but I’m not just attending, I’m going as an Artist!  Kind of like a dream come true for me!

I love the view of this Sunset.

I’m sure looking forward to seeing all of the latest & greatest gear!

After the NAMM show Dad & I should be heading back to Costa Rica for a while so I can sit back, relax & write some new songs.  I’m also looking forward to playing my new Electric Guitar when I get back as well!

It was content to be pet in Dad’s hand for the longest time and wasn’t acting as if it was afraid at all. It hopped around a bit too.

The other day dad looked out on the deck here at our friend’s home & there was a little bird just sitting in the snow not moving at all, not even when he approached the glass door for a closer look.  And when he went out side to look at it it didn’t try to get away at all, so he picked it up as it was obviously very cold and brought it in the house to let it warm up.

I took these shots just before the bird flew away.

After a while it started to move it’s head around looking at us & blinking it’s eyes as we pet it.  It wasn’t showing any signs of fear towards us. It was just happy to be inside out of the icy cold wind!  A few minutes later it started to hop around and was ready to go back out side… so we thought!  When dad held is hand out the door to let it out it flew right back in the house! Like it was saying “It’s too cold out there, I don’t want to go!”.  So, it hopped back onto Dad’s finger and we pet it some more for a few more minutes.  Dad than stepped out onto the deck and pet it some more as you can see from my close up shots (at right).  A minute later it flew away.  It was such a special experience!

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I took some nice macro shots of the frost on the branches.

Below are some photo strips for you to enjoy.


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