BIT 34 – November 16, 2009

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We surprised Mom when we came home from the States… It was great!

A close up of the fret-board before applying finish.






Hello again, Dad & I flew back home to Costa Rica about 3 weeks ago for a little break. During this time I was able to finally finish putting together my first Electric Guitar!

Well, I did everything except the Spraying of the Finish. I hired another gentleman to do it under my supervision. After that, I wet sanded the whole guitar in between coats and after the final coat leaving the finish in a nice look & feel to it!

The Neck & Body just before spraying the finish.
This is my custom Battery Compartment Cover.

As you can see it is like a Strat, but I’ve customized it by adding the L.R. Baggs Control-X onboard mixer & the L.R. Baggs X-Bridge. The X-Bridge is a replacement Strat style bridge that has built in acoustic sensors.

The acoustic setup I’m using requires the use of a 9V battery and I opted to to rout a special compartment for it… and because of where I chose to put it I also needed to make a customized cover for both the Spring Cavity & the Batter Compartment.

Peeling the protective layer of Masking Tape from off of the Fretboard after I finished wet sanding the final layer of finish.
Applying the first coat of Sanding Sealer.

I decided to use some very special wood that a friend had given me a while back. It is a wood the Costa Ricans call “Ron Ron”. Literally translated “Rum Rum” wood. I thickness sanded 2 pieces of the “Ron Ron” and one piece of Cocobolo I have had for about 3 or 4 years waiting for a project like this, and laminated them together.

So, I ended up with a beautiful, functional cover, and intend to do this in the future to make a custom wooden Pick Guard for it! It isn’t extremely important, but it sure would look great!

Applying the last coat of Finish.

At the flip of the Control-X 3-way switch I can go from full Magnetic tone to pure acoustic tone or mix in a custom mixture of both! I’m really enjoying the range of possibilities I can go with it. I am so excited about this guitar… I am looking forward to “diving into it” when I get back home as we are flying back to the states in a couple of days and I just finished this guitar!

Anyway, Enjoy the photos…

’till next time,

Carefully scraping excess finish from between the Frets.
finishing the wet sanding of the final coat. This step is almost done.
Checking the fit of the Neck in the slot… Looks good!






Below are some assorted photos of the completion of my Electric Guitar… Enjoy!





















A few finishing touches and…. it’ll be done at last!



It looks great and sounds sweet to me!

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