BIT 30 – February 12, 2009

2009 Earthquake in Costa Rica!Hello again,2009 Earthquake in Costa Rica!

First of all I am sure that you all have heard about the devastating earthquake here in Costa Rica… It was one of only two times that we got outside the house because it got that bad!

2009 Earthquake in Costa Rica!2009 Earthquake in Costa Rica!2009 Earthquake in Costa Rica!Their were many that lost loved ones, and others that lost all they had!  It has really affected Costa Rica as a nation!

2009 Earthquake in Costa Rica!2009 Earthquake in Costa Rica!My parents and I bought a number of blankets and brought them up to the affected area to distribute them as it is a very cold area of Costa Rica near Volcano Poas!

2009 Earthquake in Costa Rica!Also, Last Sunday we got hit buy an oncoming car… we are all fine, thank God, but I will let you read what my dad has to say about it…

Last Sunday, Bonnie, Buddy, my sister Suzanne and I were driving to San Ramon in the morning, a small community about 30 minutes away, and just as we exited the highway onto the main road going into town we had a young lady driving in the other direction and just in front of our car she leaned over to kiss her husband… and as she leaned over to her right, her arms moved left on the steering wheel and she crossed directly in front of us!  By the space of less than a second I averted a head-on collision but she swiped the whole side of the Jeep and went behind our car and in front of the oncoming car behind us and got hit a second time!  The car we’ve been blessed to use is now totaled so we are now afoot!  We need transportation in order to do the ministry so PLEASE, PLEASE pray that the Lord opens a heart to supply us with a vehicle. Thanks!

Miraculously the only injury was to the lady that hit us… she got a split lip from hitting her steering wheel and her 6 year old daughter in the back was unhurt and she didn’t have her seat belt on, but my sister was sitting right where she smashed the Jeep and she is having pains taking a deep breath!  We just spent 6 hours at the emergency room getting her checked out with x-rays and the Doctor said it looks like a bruised muscle and that she feels pain when lifting her left arm or taking a deep breath but she should be fine in a week or so!  Thank God that I saw this lady coming and could maneuver out of her direct impact!  God had His Angels watching over us!

So the bad news is that I’m now dead in the water, so to speak, as without transportation it is very difficult for me to get around!  So much to get done and it’s near Impossible without wheels!

For more information on how you can help please go to our Missions website: and write to my dad through the website.

On a brighter note, I have started to write as a regular contributor to an English language magazine here in Costa Rica called the Mountain Howler!  I will cover a number of topics about the guitar.  I have called my column: “Buddy, The Guitar Guy”! People can write in with their questions and I’ll do my best to answer them in each month’s publication!

2009 Guitar Concert Poster (Buddy Tetreault)I also have a Concert coming up on the 21st of this month in the Cultural Center of Grecia, Costa Rica!  I have a number of sponsors from many of the businesses here!  I am planning on organizing more of these events here and in the surrounding areas, so I am hoping that this Concert is as well received by the public as it has been by all of the patrons!

Most of the cultural events that take place here in Costa Rica take place in the Capitol City, San Jose… and that is a LONG series of bus rides to get there for anyone that doesn’t live right in San Jose!  So, as a consequence, most people don’t go or take their children to many concerts.  This is what I hope to help curb.

By offering regular concerts in these areas (away from San Jose) it will at least offer them the opportunity to come and enjoy a night out with their families in a nice environment for their children to come to, and hopefully be inspired!  This is a way I can help promote the arts, and especially the guitar!

Take care!

2009 Earthquake in Costa Rica!
You can really see the effects of the severity of this earthquake here!

2009 Earthquake in Costa Rica
Can you imagine coming home to find your home like this?
2009 Earthquake in Costa Rica!
What must it have been like to go through the quake in this home!
2009 Earthquake in Costa Rica!
Many of the affected are living in temporary shelters, and “tent cities” like this because their homes were so badly damaged!







2009 Earthquake in Costa Rica!
The earthquake coupled with the excess rains this region was receiving triggered many deadly mudslides!

2009 Earthquake in Costa Rica!
Even through all that these kids have been through they can still have a good time!
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