BIT 29 – January 10, 2009

Cool looking plant!
I don’t know what kind of plant this is, but I thought it looked really neat!
This little humming bird was resting on a table.

Hello again,

I hope you all have had a wonderful Holiday Season, and a Happy New Year.

We are getting settled into things here, but it’s hard because we know that the house we are in isn’t the place for us to be.  We are still looking for that right place, and are believing that God will bring us to it in His time.  Trying to get settled in isn’t as easy as it sounds in a third world country.

Fuzzy looking flower.
This flower is all fuzzy!
Buddy drinking from a Green Coconut!
Agua de Pipa, or Pipa water, is quite good for cleansing the blood, at least that is what the locals say… plus it tastes great! It’s not a coconut but a different variety that is harvested for the liquid inside…it’s almost clear like water but tastes a bit like coconut juice.

Since we returned to Costa Rica I have enjoyed getting caught up with my old friends though!

Jammin’ with friends is always fun!  I have already scheduled a full concert here for February, it will be posted in my tour section.

Unfortunately we had the sad news that came to us that one of my Aunts (my Mom’s sister), was killed in her front yard while walking her dog by a speeding car.

Bird near waterShe was such a special person who loved the Lord, and extended that love to those around her.

I couldn’t go, but mom said that there were so many people that came to the showing that the line extended out 2 city blocks where they waited up to 2 hours in the freezing weather to get in.  Aunt Betty touched so many in her life, it must have been overwhelming. My heart goes out to her husband and children especially.

Yellow Tropical Flowers
There are many different types of flowers that I’ve never seen before in the jungle!
Cocobolo Ox-cart Wheel from Costa Rica!
A beautifully carved Cocobolo Ox cart wheel made at this wood mill.

A very good friend of ours, Al, came down to visit us for a week from Florida, we have been trying to get him to come visit us for years and it was so nice having him come down for awhile!

We had such a great time showing him some of Costa Rica and introducing him to the local foods and a few of our friends here, we hope he will come back again and bring his wife the next time. He really liked the coconut macaroons.

Carving a Wooden Chest
Dad and I watching an artist carve this wooden chest! This wood mill is operated from water power…I think it is the oldest operational saw mill in the country.
Arenal Volcano above Clouds
A view of the Arenal Volcano.

While he was here we were able to go to visit the villages of San Carlos, La Fortuna, Zarcero, Grecia, Sarchi and a few others… It was a less hectic schedule for him as he is super busy in the states with his business and he rarely ever takes a vacation.

Good friends are better than gold! He’s the same man I wrote a tribute to for my CD, “Happy Fingers”, I really look up to him. Thanks for coming down Al!

Preaching in Puriscal, Costa Rica
Dad preaching at a church in Puriscal after I played and shared my testimony. This church is up in the mountains and has an awesome view.
Arenal Volcano!
Another view of Arenal. This is an active volcano that spews lava every night!

Since my return I’ve already played two Private Concerts and last Sunday I played at a Church in Puriscal, it was a nice time of ministry!

A number of other events are in the works here for the next several months, so keep checking my Tour Dates page for information on these as it is available.

Dogs playing king of the hill
This photo was taken when we took some food to a poor family’s home. This black dog would always go lie on top of the white dog!

I will be busy with my dad looking for a house so until we get settled in I’ll not have much time to devote to other projects plus we do not have ease access to the internet so this bit is a bit short… I’ll write more on my next bit if I can.

We had a nice Christmas together, as I hope you all did. Through all that has happened, It is clear that we should cherish our friends & family… Not just in this season, but every day!

Take care, and have a Happy New Year!

Crocodiles in Costa Rica
Anyone want a set of crocodile boots?

Some humming birds getting a drink.

Wooded Area

Costa Rican Stream
This stream looks so refreshing!





Tilapia in Cooler
Some Tilapia before, and after being prepared! Yummy!!

Tilapia Meal on Platter

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