BIT 25 – August 2, 2008

My mom with the Mayor of Galway!

Hello again,

Our time in Galway was a great blessing.  It was everything I had imagined it being!  We left Dalkey and headed up the “Dart” commuter line to Dublin, and then got the Bus from Connelly Station to Heuston Station to catch the train to Galway.

While on the Bus, I heard a gentleman speak to his daughter in Spanish… so… before the Bus arrived I said hello in Spanish which gave him quite a surprise!

It turns out that He and his wife are visiting from Spain. They took advantage of the fact that their daughter was coming to Ireland order to study.  As we arrived at the Station, we said our goodbyes, and we headed in to find our train platform.  And a little while later we see our new friends from Spain walk up to the same train platform…

It turns out that they were taking the same train as us, they were just getting off a few stops short of Galway.

So, for the next hour or so while we waited for our train to arrive (which was delayed), we talked… it turned out that it was his first time outside of Spain!

I played some Central American Folk tunes, Nuevo Flamenco and Country for them on my Guitars.

As we talked, I also found out that he wasn’t a big fan of Flamenco music… which really surprised me… I thought that all Spaniards loved Flamenco Music!

When I asked him what type of music he did like, he somewhat sheepishly said that he liked Disco music (as in 80’s Disco)… boy, was that a surprise! (NOTE: This encounter helped inspire my song: “The Disco King”)

Before the train left the Depot. He came over and gave us a bottle of special Olive Oil that he and the farmers in his region produce! I think it is the finest Olive Oil I’ve tasted! What a nice gift!

The train ride was great! The scenery is really amazing! Once we arrived we found our way over to the Galway Christian Fellowship. They graciously opened their doors to us to stay there while in Galway!

That next Sunday I played at their service on the other side of town and, the next Sunday I played, and Dad spoke at the United Methodist/Presbyterian Church in the center of town.

We had a great time, and I met a gentleman who is a Rev. from Northern Ireland on Vacation with his wife. He invited us to stay with them if we went to the “North”… I’m actually writing this BIT from his home!

The Pastors of the Church took us out to see the Connamara Coastline, and we ended up having a lovely picnic in Roundstone. It was a really beautiful day!

Later that week, I participated with Discovery Church to do an outdoor outreach, kind of like what I did in Dublin before. It worked out great, and I hope to meet them again someday.

A few days later we headed back by train to Shankill to stay with some new friends of our’s… and had a lovely time fellow-shipping.

The day after we arrived, I went back over to the ‘Aids For Bible Education’, and gave a small Private Concert for a mission team they had in from Bermuda!

There were around 40 people and they had a great bar-b-que for everyone. A couple of days later we took the train up to Northern Ireland into Belfast… I’ll be posting a new Bit on this in a few days. Until then, keep pickin!


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