BIT 24 – July 3 2008

Playing at Greystones Nazarene Church.

We have been quite busy since my last BIT…

We have been in the Eastern side of the Island, South of Dublin for the entire time… so far.  We have been staying in different places, making new friends and enjoying the scenery that each location had to offer.

With our hosts, Jeff & Wanda Murray!

Dad & I ministered at a Christian Businessmen’s Breakfast last Saturday in Wexford.  It was a great time of ministry, and before we left a gentleman invited us to come and stay for the night at his home the following Monday.  Which proved to be another time where we were able to minister in different ways.

We saw this “traveller’s” waggon on the way to the Christian Businessmen’s Breakfast last Saturday.
Tower in the monastery ruins at Glendalough.

I also had the privilege of ministering at a Nazarene Church in Greystones.  I played in both services, and the congregation really made us feel welcomed.  They had my name in there bulletin for a number of weeks and had been praying for us.  That is such a great blessing!

walking toward a quaint chapel made entirely of stone… roof and all!

In between both services one of the families took us on a day trip over to where some of the filming for the movie, “Braveheart” was filmed.

One of these filming locations was near Glendalough… A beautiful place, there are two lakes, an upper one and a lower one.

Glendalough… this picture doesn’t do it justice!

We went to the upper lake.  It is at the head of a gorgeous valley… it was awesome to just stand there with the wind in my face looking at such majesty!  I tell you, God is the ULTIMATE Artist!

another view of the monastery tower.

It is also the site of one of the earliest Cathedrals in Ireland!  It was founded in the 6th century.  From here we continued on to other areas in the mountains… it is really a beautiful place.  I could really get inspired there if I could spend a few days… if only I had the time… oh well.

This is just above Glendalough.
What a beautiful Celtic Cross!

From there we spent a few days back at the Bible outreach in Dalkey, and got caught up with laundry and rest… we are scheduled to head out early by train in the morning to go to the western side of Ireland, the Galway County area.  My Mother’s grandmother came from that area, and it would be neat if we could find some living relatives while touring the countryside!

We’ve been told that the Galway area is the part of Ireland that looks like the old Ireland that most people see in the movies!  I’m excited about getting there and finding some new treasures to store up in my mind… this has been an awesome journey over the past 3 months since we arrived in Europe and it’s just beginning!

We’re inside the ruins of what is thought to be a priest’s house.

Thank you Lord for this opportunity to serve you and experience all this awesome scenery at the same time… It can’t get much better than this!

Well, till my next BIT… you be blessed and have a great day!

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