BIT 20 – April 23 2008

Here I am again on TV-45!

Hello everyone, I hope you’re all doing well.  The last few weeks have been very intense.  Unfortunately, two days after I wrote my last BIT, on April 6th a dear friend of mine, Buck Buchanan, passed away.  He was like my 2nd Dad… I’ll sure miss him.

The TV interview at “The Good Life TV 45” went well.  It turned out that It was the very first Spanish program that they had ever done!  The program went well and It was nice to be back there again.

Udo & I in his office with his collection… This is my kind of office!

Two day’s later on April the 11th, Dad and I boarded our flight in Orlando and the next day we arrived in Frankfurt, Germany!  It was a fairly small plane but we made it all right.

A vintage Martin D-28.

The day after we arrived in Frankfurt I played at the Hüglestrasse Nazarene Church.  Everyone at the church was so nice and they really enjoyed my music.

Gibson ES-175…this one is a great jazz box!

After that service the guitarist from the church and his wife, Udo and Nasreen, took us out to eat to a great Chinese restaurant and then to their home for some delicious pastries.

Udo has a wonderful guitar collection and he even had a vintage Martin D-28 that sounded wonderful, As well as a beautiful Gibson ES-175… it had a great sound and a comfortable neck.  I can see why it’s a legendary jazz guitar!

Nasreen, Dad, Keshab & Udo at the train station in Frankfurt.

We really had a wonderful time with them.  While we were at their home we also met a good friend of theirs, Mr. Keshab who had lots of interesting stories to tell.  Later on they all took dad and I to the train station in Frankfurt and from there we headed down to Stuttgart.

A fresh fruit & Vegetable stand in Schönaich.
In the Stuttgart train station. Easy to get lost in here!

Before the day was through, we ended up in Schönaich, Germany, which is pretty close to Stuttgart.  We’ve been blessed to stay with the Ruiz family who we met while we were in Panama last year.

Here I am with my friends, Stefanie, Joshua and Jonathan Ruiz!

Schönaich is a quaint town with so many different sights.  Almost everyone has a beautiful

flower garden here!  In fact, there seems to be bakeries just about everywhere with some of the BEST pastries & cakes I think I’ve ever tasted!

Dad & Josue Ruiz on their way to Stuttgart.
A fountain in the Schlossplatz in Stuttgart.

A few days ago Dad, Josue & I went to Stuttgart so we could start to learn how to get around using the public transportation system in this area.  When we got to Stuttgart we walked over to the Königstraße in front of the Schlossplatz.  It was just beautiful!

Schlossplatz in Stuttgart.
I’m in front of a “mobile meat market” in Schönaich!

Last Sunday I played at two different churches in Stuttgart.  The first one was the International Baptist Church of Stuttgart.

I played at both morning services as well as at their cafe called “The Vineyard” after each service.  Everyone was so nice and the atmosphere was bright and cheery especially with the day being nice and sunny out.

Here I am with Matt, Micah, Martin, Stefan and Felice after practice at I.B.C., it was a privilege to play with these guys!

The second church I played at in the afternoon was at a Spanish congregation in the city of Stuttgart.  They have two websites, which are: and

Dad took this wonderful close up shot!  These flowers look kind of like clusters of grapes.
Trying out another bakery in Schönaich.

The guest speaker was a Pastor of a church in another town about an hour or so away from Stuttgart.  After the service he asked about setting up a concert at his church on a Saturday in May.  We’re working on the dates right now.  I’ll post the info on my Tour Page as soon as we secure the date.

Here I am standing in front of my favorite bakery in Schönaich!

Around the end of May, Dad and I will meet up with my Mom in Dublin, Ireland for the beginning of the Irish branch of this European tour.  I hope you enjoy the photos I’ve included.

I wish you were all here, the scenery is awesome and the smells of the foods as we walk by restaurants and bakeries is hard to resist!

Take care,


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