BIT 18 – March 5, 2008

Well hello again. Let’s get caught up from my last BIT…

While we were in the Atlanta area I had the opportunity to play at Freedom Chapel, held at the Dominion Christian High School.

Playing my Baby Taylor at the McKinney’s Coffeehouse, ACC.

Before we left the area I also played a concert at the Atlanta Christian College (NOTE: Now Point University) in McKinney’s Coffeehouse. After the show I had a really nice time speaking with their Guitar Professor and some of the students about the country style fingerpickin’ techniques I use.

Performing at the Farmer’s Opry House.

From there we went down to Pensacola, Florida for a few more gigs I had scheduled there. I played a number of times at The Farmer’s Opry House. It was nice to be back there again.

My special Valentine’s Day Concert at The Men’s Barn Meeting went SUPER well. It was by and large the largest turnout I’ve seen there! It was really Amazing!

Through a mutual friend, Roger Dutremble, I met a wonderful couple, Papa Don & Gail Schroeder. Papa Don is a former Nashville R&B Producer. I had the pleasure of playing for them. After I began playing my new song “Hero’s Stand”, he said “Wow, that’s an awesome intro”! That was quite a compliment coming from him.

Flatpicking isn’t as easy as it might look!
Here I am trying to keep up with Brad Hansen.

We were also blessed to enjoy the hospitality and friendship of Brad & Shari Hanssen. Brad is the banjo player/vocalist and founding member of the award winning Bluegrass group: “The White Sands Panhandle Band”. He also plays the guitar, fiddle & mandolin. So, for the duration of our stay, I was blessed to have gotten a “crash course” in Bluegrass flatpickin’! I hope I can remember everything I learned there! Their myspace page is: I know you’ll REALLY enjoy their latest album “Live At The Imogene”.

After I had played at the Men’s Barn Meeting, I met a gentleman who was kind enough to help out with some challenges I was having with my new laptop. While at his office, I met a co-worker across the hall who is also a guitarist! So, after I played a few songs, he invited me to come out that night to play at a restaurant he is hired to play at every week. It was fun being able to play improvisation with him. I also played about a half hour while he took a break. My playing style was well accepted as other patrons sitting in an adjacent room came to observe.

Now I finally have a “captive” audience! 🙂

I also played at Pastor Chuck Baldwin’s Church again just before leaving Pensacola. We than headed down into Central Florida and are now in the Orlando area. I’ve already played at the Florida Sunshine Opry and will be playing at the Orange Blossom Opry on Thursday, March 13th. I’ll also be playing at a church in Lakeland, Florida on Sunday March 9th.


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