BIT 1 – June, 2005

Hello everyone,

This is the first, “BIT”, instalment! I’m very excited about my new site… its been requested by many for quite some time, so thank God here it is!  I’m so very thankful to have been blessed by friends that have helped me to make this site a reality!

I’m presently writing new material and working out a few new arrangements of some old classics that I think everyone will enjoy!  I hope to do some preliminary recording this coming month and start preparing the layout of the next CD artwork!  I’ll keep you posted as it comes together!

My hardest task is staying focused on any one project as I keep hearing different sounds of new things in my head so I find myself going down rabbit trails often!  Playing the guitar is a joy to me and so this is a labor of love for me!  I think I’ll also be putting a few new arrangements aside for the new CD I plan on producing early next year as well!

I’ve been asked to perform at a few places in the States this past month but I feel that I need to be concentrating on the new CD that I want to get done in the next few months instead!

Well, I’ll be gettin’ back to pickin’ so for now I’ll sign off and hope that you all enjoyed this first, “BIT”, and will check back often for any updates as they get posted!

Till next time,

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Buddy Tetreault
Artist, Musician, Minister, World Traveler...

Author: Buddy Tetreault

Artist, Musician, Minister, World Traveler...